About us - The vision of Marine-Pilots.com

About us - The vision of Marine-Pilots.com

Our passion: improving marine pilots work
By providing information and services, we want to support and constantly improve the work of maritime pilots. Humanity, security and efficiency are our top priorities.

A home base for all Marine Pilot's of the world
Information for and about pilots is widely scattered on the Internet and often difficult to find, although individual countries and organisations are doing their best. We want to help and gather all relevant information about and for pilots and publish it at Marine-Pilots.com. We would like to further strengthen the worldwide community of pilots and promote the exchange of all pilots.

Measurement of the global pilot world
It is important to know which persons, organisations or companies in which region you have to contact and which products and services are offered by whom. For this reason, we would like to record and make visible all stakeholders around the work of the Marine Pilots worldwide. Getting to know each other creates an exchange of information and grows cooperation among each other.

Digitalisation and Maritime 4.0
Shipping is one of the oldest industries in the world and very traditionally positioned, but the digitalisation of the world will not stop at shipping or the work of pilots. Through our information, we want to support pilots in the ongoing digitisation process and provide them with all relevant facts on the subject. With Maritime 4.0 a disruptive wave is rolling towards the pilots and "autonomous shipping" or "remote pilot services" are no longer just buzzwords.

A voice for pilots into the world
We want to give the world's pilots a voice and make their valuable work for the safety of ships and the global flow of goods more visible. We would like to interest people in the work of pilots and show them how important this work is. If we also find people who are subsequently enthusiastic about the profession and career of a pilot, then we have done a really good job.

For all pilots of this world
We are enthusiastic about all pilots and shipping with the people working there from all countries of the world. No matter which country they come from, which religion they belong to, which skin colour they have or which language they speak.


At the launch of the website, users will find plenty of useful information for marine pilots. In the coming months, many more features and content will be added. Details can be seen in the graphic below.
The focus of the upcoming features will be the integration of the usercontents, community discussion and networking.

We are happy to receive your suggestions for the development of Marine-Pilots.com, it is important to us that we publish content and features for the community. Contact us by e-mail or use our contact form!

On Our Own Behalf

The company TRENZ GmbH is the owner and operator of the web portal Marine-Pilots.com. We want to make the web portal transparent, fair, neutral and objective for all pilots and all companies and organisations. That is our requirement.

TRENZ also offers products such as TRENZ Pilot Plug and other services for pilots. We will subject our products and services to the same rules and requirements as the offers of other manufacturers and providers. We are in favour of fair competition and invite everyone to participate in Marine-Pilots.com.