56th EMPA Football tournament

published on 4 July 2019 63 -

This event lies in the past.
21.04.2020 - 23.04.2020
Ålesund, Norway

Due to the serious outbreak of the corona virus in Europe we see no other option but to cancel the 2020 EMPA Football tournament in Ålesund. The reason behind the decision is that the Norwegian government yesterday put the strongest restriction on it’s population in peace time to reduce the explosive spreading of the coronavirus.
Her are some of the restrictions:

Anyone arriving to Norway from outside Scandinavia will automatically get a 14 day home quarantine, even if you have no symptoms.
All Schools, Universities and kindergartens are closed
All cultural and sporting events are cancelled
All Organised training is cancelled
All Pub restaurants, hairdressers, nail parlours, tattoo parlours, none essential shops are closed
We are urged not to visit our friends and family in retirement homes and hospitals
The public is strongly recommended to keep minimum 1 mtr distance to others
We are urged not to go to work if you can work from home.
The list goes on….

Similar restrictions will be put in force across Europe within the next weeks according the Norwegian authorities. The prediction from the government is that we will feel the full force of the corona epidemic in May and throughout the summer. In light of this we have decide to cancel the EMPA Football 2020 tournament in Ålesund.

We hope you all understand that this has not been an easy decision to make, we have spent almost 3 years planning an amazing tournament, that we wanted to share with all of our European pilot friends. But ultimately this is the only right thing to do to try to restrict the outbreak. We are mostly in good health but we have to think of the elderly and the less fortunate health wise in our society that would not survive a corona infection.

Practical info:
We will cancel all hotel rooms booked with our partner hotels (Scandic Parken, Brosundet Hotel and Quality Ålesund Hotel). If you have booked a room with any other hotel you will have to cancel the hotel yourself.

If you have any question or need more info from us, please send us an email: post@empafootball2020.com

To try to end this on a more optimistic note, we promise that we will host the tournament in the future. It has been fantastic to see how many of our pilot friends that wanted to come up to Norway and participate in the tournament.

We wish all our colleagues and their families good health and hope to see you all next year in Warnemunde.

Best Regards and Safe Sailing from all of us in EMPA Football 2020!
Ålesund, Norway
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