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ASC Nigeria (Onstream)
Lagos, Nigeria
This job posting has expired.

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Job Description
General description

Responsible for the tanker movements on site and the transfer operations of hydrocarbons to or from the FPSO and
To or from the export tanker or vessel (Pilot, Berthing Master & tanker Loading Master).
Deputise for the Marine Superintendent position when the Marine Superintendent is absent from the FPSO.

Scope of work
Organises arrival/departure procedures for export tanker,
Pilots the export tanker to/from mooring point (loading buoy or tandem position),
In the event of an emergency, manages the off-load tanker securing or disconnection operations

Assists and provides marine advice when approaching and mooring the export tanker.
Inspects the export tanker, completes the HSE and Security check lists,
Inspection of site support vessels, when required,
Is authorised to stop or refuse berthing operations taking place,
Supervises tanker de-ballasting,
Is responsible for the application of HSE rules, international and National regulations codes and standards,

Ensure communication with FPSO are maintained during loading operation,
Checks volume calculations for exported batch,
Supervise the 1st Level corrective and preventive maintenance plan for all equipment associated with marine and logistic operations including Mooring equipment and tools, work boat, SBM equipment, tandem equipment
Responsible for spare part management of equipment associated with his duties.
Advisor to the COMPANY for the completion of cargo documents (BL, LOP, etc…)

Job Requirements
Unlimited master STCW 95 Class 1 Certificate (Deck) with tanker advance training.
Bridge Resources Management certificate or equivalent
A minimum of 10 years service on an oil tanker VLCC, FSO or FPSO with 3 years as master or chief officer or harbour pilot, with experience of tandem and buoy approaches
2 years as pilot required
BOSIET Certificate
Languages: English.

This job posting has expired.

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