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Senior Marine Pilot

Senior Marine Pilot

Port of Duqm
Oman, UAE
This job posting has expired.

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To lead, plan, organize and direct all activities related to port services towards vessels coming inside the Port of Duqm; manoeuvring ships while arriving or departing the port; commanding ships to steer into and out of Port of Duqm from all terminals (present & future ones), jetties, quays and anchorages; ensuring they are licensed with limitations indicating class and tonnage of vessels for which license is valid; route and waters that may be piloted; providing assistance to the Harbor Master on an ongoing basis.

Duties and Responsibilities:


1. Devise the strategic direction for all activities related to port services towards vessels coming inside the Port of Duqm in order to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

2. Design, develop, lead, plan, organize and direct all activities related to manoeuvring ships towards vessels coming to the Port of Duqm.

3. Lead a team of pilot and crew members to ensure smooth management of vessels in timely and effective manner.


4. Review budgeted vs. actual figures and arrive at best estimates to predict future cost estimates required for port services.

5. Work towards improving profitability based on analysis of the budgeted revenue and expenses.


1. Consult maps, charts, weather reports, and navigation equipment to determine and direct ship movements for smooth operations.

2. Direct course and speed of ships, based on specialized knowledge of local winds, weather, water depths, tides, currents, and hazards ensuring safety compliance.

3. Set ships' courses that avoid reefs, outlying shoals, and other hazards, utilizing navigational aids such as lighthouses and buoys in proactive manner.

4. Give directions to crew members who are steering ships ensuring effective collaboration and coordination to achieve desired outcome and manage timelines.

5. Operate ship-to-shore radios to exchange information needed for ship operations and ensure smooth dissemination of information to the crew members from time to time.

6. Prevent ships under their navigational control from engaging in unsafe operations and take corrective actions as when required.

7. Provide assistance to vessels approaching or leaving seacoasts, navigating harbors, docking and undocking of the dry dock on an ongoing basis.

8. Serve as a vessel's docking master upon arrival at a port and when at a berth to ensure smooth loading and unloading.

9. Steer ships into and out of berths, or signal tugboat captains to berth and unberth ships ensuring smooth flow of operations.

10. Advise ships' masters on harbor rules and customs procedures and ensure compliance of all legal regulations; report to appropriate authorities about any violations of federal or state pilotage laws.

11. Learn to operate new technology systems and procedures through the use of instruction, simulators, and models in order to bring and improve efficiency.

12. Maintain ship logs to keep track of operations on an ongoing basis.

13. Oversee cargo storage on or below decks in accurate and timely manner on an ongoing basis.

14. Provide assistance in maritime rescue operations; take necessary action as required during emergency ensuring safety and complying with regulations.

15. Relieve crew members on tugs and launches as and when required and make necessary arrangements.

16. Make nautical maps to depict configuration of the shoreline and seafloor to ensure smooth navigation.

17. Perform any other related tasks assigned by the Harbor Master on an ongoing basis.

HSE Responsibilities:

18. Ensure that all HSE instructions are fully understood and complied with.

19. Must demonstrate total commitment to the company safety policies through participation and proactive involvement.

20. Must ensure that all relevant safety procedures and practices are followed during performing operations.

21. Ensure implementation of HSE Audit recommendation, especially relating to road & office safety and asset security.

22. Report HSE incident, near misses, and violation to immediate supervisor or through PDC software as appropriate.

23. Responsible to participate in safety meetings and safety drills held on board and ensures operations abide by established/HSE operating procedures and practices and equipment is used within predetermined capacities.

People Development:

24. Lead department contribution to Port of Duqm’s Omanization targets through the setting of goals/KPIs in relation to the hiring and development of Omani Nationals into the workforce.

25. Embrace and drive continuous human capital improvements through business driven initiatives or as directed by Port of Duqm’s Human Resources department.

26. Assist with the training of new Pilots and VTS-operators

27. Complete the necessary tasks as requested by Management/Directors on people development areas.


Bachelor in nautical science or marine.

Chief mate COC or Pilot Certificate from MOT


Minimum 5 years’ experience in handling ports equipment

Special Skills & Knowledge:

– Understanding of Shipping and Port Industry

– Understanding of business processes, related operations, industry trends and market concepts

– Knowledge and experience in equipments and vessel management

– Knowledge of business and management principles and practices

– Excellent negotiating skills

– Decision making and judgment

– Good risk management and contingency management

– Leadership qualities to motivate team and lead by example

– Excellent communication skills

– Excellent navigating skills

– Coordination and Collaboration

– Proficiency in MS Suite

– Excellent understanding of International maritime law and guidelines of Ports’ Industry

This job posting has expired.

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