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Associacao de Pilotos de Barras e Portos (APIBARRA)

CCCTMS, Terrapleno de Algés
1495 - 165 Lisbon


The main goal of APIBARRA – ASSOCIAÇÃO DOS PILOTOS DE BARRA E PORTOS, is to agglutinate all the individuals that in the Portuguese pilotage, are interested in all the problems concerning pilotage, safety, port efficiency, navigation in restricted waters, and specially the environmental protection and safety of life at sea.

APIBARRA intends to promote technical investigation regarding our activity, boost the prestige of pilots and elaborate recommendations in terms of safety, health, training and education of pilots, with the aim of assuring the delivery of a quality service to the port and maritime industry.

The association proposes to engage a true forum, where the main objective is the discussion and debate of ideas and exchange of experiences, seeking to join the different perspectives, avoiding simple and restricted analyses, unable by that reason to adapt to the phenomenon of specialization e technological development globally.

We assume the role of the Portuguese representation in EMPA and IMPA that will allow a fructuous interchange, with other associates and associations from other countries that seek the same purposes with reference to pilotage, safety in navigation, safety of life at sea and environmental protection.


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