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Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK I

Schleusenstraße 9-11
25535 Brunsbüttel


The sea pilots of our organisation see themselves as service providers who make all their knowledge, skills and immense experience available to the shipping industry. Our aim is to provide satisfied customers who, with our help and support, can carry out safe sea transport. You can request our services at any time of the day or night. We are there for you around the clock, all day long. This also on Sundays and holidays at always the same, fair lottery rates.

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  +49 4852 8088
  +49 4852 8603
Alderman Matthias Probst
Matthias Probst
  +49 4852 9692 0
2nd Alderman
Wolfgang Mentzel
2nd Alderman
  +49 4852 9692 0
Managing Director
Michael Stumpp
Managing Director
  +49 4852 9692 0

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Pilot Boat "KAPITÄN JÜRS" / Brunsbüttel

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Video 24/7 Live Webcam - Kiel Canal at Brunsbuettel Lock in Germany | Nord-Ostsee-Kanal Schleuse Brunsbüttel

Found on YouTube. Created by "livespotting".

Auch die Baustelle der neuen Schleuse ist zu sehen.
The construction site of the new lock can also be seen.

Pilotage Service in this Area by:


Article Fewer ships and less pilotage: Kiel Canal suffers from corona crisis like many other waterways

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In April, 25 percent fewer ships on the German Kiel Canal (NOK) - and things could get even worse. It seems that the exemplary situation at the NOK certainly affects many other channels in the world in a similar way.


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The ship could not slow down and sailed against the Old North Lock - “Alte Schleuse Nord”.