Berthing Hamburg port - Pilots' masterpiece

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Region: Hamburg, Germany

Found on YouTube. Created by "Al Petkov"

"A routine pilot task"

Hafenlotsen Hamburg

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Opinion Positioning of vessel at berth by using bridge wing gyro repeater

by Capt. Girish Chandra - published -

Today I will discuss a very simple and useful practical trick often used by pilots.

When we have to berth a vessel with small clearances forward and aft (say 20 to 25 mtr fwd and aft) it is very essential that you are able to estimate your position. Now most of the time you have a berthing supervisor on jetty who will help you with position.

Video Berthing P02 skikda old port M/T duke1


Video was sent to by Mohamed Anwar Remichi

Video Berthing Bulk carrier Ince Ilgaz - Drone video


Found on YouTube. Created by Airdrone RO.

Article Shiphandling at shipyards, never a dull moment...

by Marine Pilot Luis Vale, Portugal - published -

Drydocking or undocking is always a difficult task, particularly with a “dead” vessel (no power/propulsion) and the wind blowing on the ship's side.

Video Florida Harbor Pilots - Who We Are


Florida Harbor Pilots - Who We Are

Video IcePad Demonstration, MARSAT


IcePad Demonstration, MARSAT

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