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Admiral Makarov State Marine Academy

Dvinskaya st., 5/7
198035 Saint-Petersburg


2 December 1809 is considered the date of the University foundation. It is the very day when the Department of Waterway Communications and State Agency of Roads were merged into the Agency of Hinterland and Waterway Transportation in accordance with the Manifesto of Alexander I. In the result of this merge, the Corps of Engineers for Hinterland and Waterway Transportation was founded.

The University changed its name for several times throughout its long 200 years history, a number of the merges with various institutions of higher education also took place during that time. The latest merge was in 2012 with the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy. The Academy, which had taken its roots in the Seafaring classes of the River Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg that, in its turn, was founded in 1876. The honor of being named after the famed Russian admiral S.O. Makarov was granted on 24 March 1949.

Nowadays Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping is considered to be the oldest and the largest center of the shipping industry personnel education and training in the Russian Federation, providing education and training for maritime as well as inland water operators of the shipping industry.

Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping incorporates 4 Institutes, 76 Research Chairs, College of Admiral Makarov SUMIS, as well as 10 branches, allocated in various regions of our country. The Head educational institution of Admiral Makarov SUMIS is locate in Saint-Petersburg and comprises 7 campuses.

Annually at the University simultaneously study over 13,000 students, of which 9 000 are the students of the Head University. Also, 20 000 students are being trained through the Professional Development Programs.

It is necessary to note the achievements of the University in a wide range of scientific areas, including the development of the ship intelligent control systems, researches in the field of high voltage marine equipment, exploration of the Northern Sea Route, modeling of ports and approaches to them, and many other ones.

The University implements a broad range of international activities. Presently the University has more than 20 international cooperation agreements in action.

The academic and professorial staff of the University take their active part in the activity of international organizations: International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Institute of Marine Engineers (IMAREST), the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), Sail Training International (STI) and others.

The Graduation Degree of Admiral Makarov SUMIS is valid and accepted all over the world. Our graduates are demanded and welcomed for employment by the leading shipping companies worldwide.

Such a demand for the graduates of Admiral Makarov SUMIS is, to some extent, due to the fact that in addition to the state educational standard of the Russian Federation, the University meets the requirements of international maritime conventions (for instance STCW, etc.). In addition to all the essential Russian accreditations, Admiral Makarov SUMIS is accredited by many foreign and international organizations. Thus, Russian as well as foreign shipping companies are aware that the education, the Graduation Degree and the certificates by Admiral Makarov SUMIS are in full compliance with the international standards.


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