Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to login to members area
  1. Please make sure you have accepted cookies before proceeding to log in. For this, just click the "Accept" button on top of the page. After accepting, try to log in again.
    If you do not have this banner/button and do not see the big red box below the heading, you may skip this step.
  2. Reset your password: Try to recover your account using our recovery tool. Just click on this link.
    You are asked to input your e-mail address (the one you used to register your account). Afterwards, a new password is sent to this address. If you do not receive anything, also have a look in your spam folder.
  3. Try another browser or device: If available, please try to log in on another device and/or in another browser. This might help to identify browser-specific problems.

How can I respond to interesting job offers?
As only publishes the job offers, please don't respond to us directly. Applicants should send their documents directly to the company/organization of the respective position.

What's the difference between a "Registered user", "Member" and "Supporting Member"?
  1. As a registered user you can write comments and receive notifications for new replies. You can also give likes on articles and videos.
  2. Regular Members have their own profile in our member list, are able to read job offers and premium contents.
  3. Supporting Members are supporting with an annual amount. They help us to keep the community alive and open (by not having to restrict access to paying members only). Supporters are highlighted in the member list as a supporter. They optionally receive our daily summary or even instant notifications by e-mail - filtered by their favourite topics.
Find out here how to upgrade your user status.
How can I support and register as a supporting Member?
If you want to become a supporting member, please click here. You might have to become a regular member first - read more here.
How do I pay for the supporting membership?
After registration you'll receive our invoice which can be paid per PayPal, credit card or by bank transfer. To avoid additional taxes within the European Union, please consider mentioning your VAT id (value-added tax identification number) within the registration process. VAT ids are commonly issued to companies/private enterprises only.

We'll contact you before your supporting membership ends, one year later, to ask if you would like to renew your contribution. Of course, your supporting membership can be cancelled at any time. In that case, we'll discontinue your membership at the end of the annual period.
How do I cancel my supporting membership?
If you want to cancel your support for, just send an e-mail to and we'll discontinue your membership at the end of the annual period (i.e. without any further cost associated). You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.