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Canaveral Pilots Association

9060 Herring St.
FL 32920 Port Canaveral


The Canaveral Pilots Association serves Port Canaveral, Florida as State and Federally licensed Harbor Pilots. Our pilots are experienced Merchant Marine Master Mariners who, after serving for years on ships at sea, have completed an intense state testing ansd training program as Deputy Pilots to become fully licensed State Pilots.

The Canaveral Pilots are the local navigational experts for Port Canaveral and our pilots board all inbound and outbound foreign-flagged ocean-going ships, as well as U.S. flagged vessels on foreign and domestic voyages. While onboard the ships, the Canaveral Pilots “take the conn” and direct the movement of the vessels when navigating the channels and basins of Port Canaveral. As state pilots, we provide compulsory Pilotage as provided by state law and regulated by the State Board of Pilot Commissioners.

Our mandate, under state law, is the protection to the fullest extent possible of state waters, harbors and port resources, the environment, life and property, with safety as the primary objective. As federally licensed pilots, we offer a level of experience and training that can not be matched to all vessels requiring pilotage under federal law and to all government and military vessels.

The Canaveral Pilots Association maintains close cooperation and coordination with the Canaveral Port Authority, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy and federal and local law enforcement agencies to provide for the safe, secure and efficient management of ship traffic in Port Canaveral.

As the first to board foreign vessels arriving at U.S. Ports, harbor pilots are an integral part of security and threat assessment. For more information about State Harbor Pilots in Florida, please visit the Florida Harbor Pilot Association website:

Pilot order
To dispatch a Canaveral Pilot, please call the Port Canaveral Harbormaster at 321-783-7832. Please have the vessel contact the Canaveral Pilots on VHF 12 one hour before arrival at the pilot station. The Pilot boarding station is 1 nm Southeast of buoy #3.


24-Hour Monitored Voicemail
Canaveral Pilots Association
PO BOX 816
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

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The Canaveral Pilots Association commends Pilot Boat Captain Mike Meyers for his heroic actions on April 5, 2020 in helping to save the life of a fisherman while on duty at the port.


Article Canaveral Pilots Partners with Glosten/Ray Hunt for Electric Pilot Boat

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Canaveral Pilots Association (Canaveral Pilots) has partnered with naval architecture firms Glosten and Ray Hunt Design (Ray Hunt) on a pilot/demonstration project for the design, construction, and operation of an electric pilot boat. The boat will feature a battery-electric propulsion system with an emergency 'get home' diesel engine. Once in service, it will serve as one of two primary boats for supporting pilotage operations in Port Canaveral.