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Loodswezen River Scheldt

Boulevard de Ruyter 8
4381 Vlissingen


With its many bends and meanders, the Western Scheldt is one of the most difficult to navigate rivers in the world. It connects the ports of Antwerp, Flushing, Ghent and Terneuzen with the North Sea. The registered pilots of the Scheldemonden region see to it that the tens of thousands of ships visiting these ports each year are piloted safely and smoothly into and out of these ports. They do this under all weather conditions, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The registered pilots of the Scheldemonden region are active in all ports on the Western Scheldt as well as in the Eastern Scheldt area. A percentage of 27.5 of all the ships bound for Antwerp and Ghent are piloted by the Dutch pilots; the remaining 72.5 per cent are handled by the Flemish pilots. In total a number of 160 Dutch pilots work in the Western Scheldt area. They provide the piloting of approximately 21,000 ships into and out of the Scheldt ports every year.


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