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Paranaguá-Pilots - Brazil

Rua Benjamim Constant 111
Paranaguá - PR, 83203-350


Soon after his arrival , Brazil still in a colony, the Prince Regent Dom João , enacted and put into force the Practical Rules for Pilots Bar harbor of Rio de Janeiro.Através City of Decree dated 12 June 1808, signed by the Prince Regent John implemented the first services organized Pilotage in Brazil , establishing nitida linking these services with the free movement of goods through the Safety of Navigation in restricted waters .

In 1858 , the Provisional Regulations is created for Pilotage Bar and Paranagua , determining that pilotage is made by an Association of Pilots , consists of 6 practical , 1 and 2 practitioners practical Mor , this , appointed by the Imperial Government . Also determines pilotage two seasons : the 1st in the easternmost part of Ilha do Mel and 2nd in the westernmost part of the island of Cotinga .

In 1940 are dissolved Associations Practical and Corporations are created , and in 1945 , they would be administered by the Ministry of the Navy.

In the late '50s, the practical turn to organize themselves into associations . Gradually , the associations is giving way to the Civil Societies , and in 1997 it created the Paranaguá Pilots Pilotage Services Ltda .


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