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Maritime Pilots role in ports is crucial for the delivery of energy and supplies, safety of people and goods as well as protection of the environment as their function consists in berthing and unberthing all types of ships. Their qualifications depend strongly on their experience together with continuous specific training provided by few centres in Europe.

The Pilots face growing challenges brought by the increased traffic as well as by the increased dimensions and tonnage of vessels.

Due to the nature of the Pilots profession and to the crucial role that they have in the maritime sector, the International Maritime Organisation recommends that Pilots undergo continuous training in various aspects of their profession. Although the broad areas of training are indicated in the IMO Recommendation number A960, the training does not make reference to a common framework or system.

This is particularly relevant for European Pilots. In Europe, in fact, there is a common Vocational Training System as well as a common Qualification Framework and the Vocational Training related to most of the European professions is based on this. However, such system does not encompass the Maritime Pilots Training.

The project CERTIPILOT wants to fill this gap by developing a common Framework for the Vocational Training undertaken by maritime pilots with a specific focus on risk prevention and environmental protection in ports. This will be achieved through the cooperation between three pilots’ organisations and a training provider and VET expert. The project envisages also the active involvement of European pilots and their organisations through online consultation and exploitation actions.

Finally, CERTIPILOT will allow the recognition of vocational training undertaken by maritime pilots within the ECVET and EQF.


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