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Pelindo IV

Jl Soekarno No. 1
Makassar-Sulawesi Selatan
90173 Indonesia


We are a company engaged in the port and operates in 25 branches of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Ambon, Ternate, to Papua and West Papua.

Pelindo IV business fields are:

  • Boats services
  • Goods services
  • exploitation Tool
  • Services B / M Terminal Conventional
  • Container Terminal Services
  • Exploitation of Land, Buildings and other
  • cooperation Operation
We are ready to serve you with INTANKU Company Values ​​CUSTOMER: Integrity, enthusiasm, collaboration, Competence, Customer Focus.

"Being an integrated port management company, highly competitive, and internationally".

  • Be driving and driving economic growth in Eastern Indonesia.
  • Services providing harbor and non-harbor (support) that is integrated with the oriented to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Creating a transformation to encourage professional and personal development for the welfare of employees.
  • Increase added value for internal and external stakeholders on an ongoing basis.
  • Maximizing shareholder value in a sustainable manner (Shareholder).

  • Integrity (Integrity) is the consistency in the actions of actions, values, methods of methods, measures, principles, expectations, expectations, and things are produced. Companies / persons of integrity means having an honest person and has a strong character.

  • Synergistic (Synergy) is a collaboration of elements or parts or functions that produce a goal better and larger than done alone. Synergy in the achievement of results means the cooperation of various elements or parts of or groups or functions to obtain better results achievement and greater.
  • Professional (Professional) is a person who has the ability (skill) is high and to stick to moral values relating to work and deeds.

  • Innovative (Innovative) is the ability to utilize the capabilities and expertise to new menghasilkankarya. "" Innovative thinking that is the thought process that generates ideas and solutions beyond the conservative frame (out of the box) ".
  • Satisfied Customer (Customer Satisfaction) is a condition where the needs, desires and expectations of customers are met through products / services purchased / used. In general, customer satisfaction can be said to be feeling happy or disappointed someone of a comparison between the products / services purchased / used or not in accordance with expectations.


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