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Port of Fujairah

United Arab Emirates


A Brief History

Port of Fujairah is the only multi-purpose port on the Eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates, approximately 70 nautical miles from the Straits of Hormuz. Initial Construction of the Port started in 1978 as part of the economic development of the UAE. Full operations commenced in 1983. Since then the Port has embarked on a continuing process of enhancement to both its facilities and its comprehensive range of functions.

The port has the following facilities:

Drafts of 15 meters(PD)
1.4 kilometer long main quay
2 Bulk Loaders for aggregate export:
  • Berth Lengths: 600 metres
  • Draft: 15 meters (PD)
  • First Bulk loader is capable of loading 2000 tons per hour and second loader is capable of loading 4000 tons per hour

Southern Breakwater berths:
  • 840 meters of general cargo berths
  • Draft of 15 metres
  • A Travel Lift facility and Berth available for the lifting of supply and associated vessels for maintenance and repair
  • Common user sites for vessel repair.

Northern Breakwater berths:
Oil Terminal 1 (OT1) :

  • Commissioned on Jan. 2006
  • Lengths: 840 meters
  • No. of Berths: 3
  • Draft: 15 meters (PD).
  • Through-put capacity: 15 million ton/year.
  • Tankers up to: DWT 110,000 tons.
  • No. of loading Arms: 8 x 16 inch MLA.

Oil Terminal 2 (OT2) :

  • Commissioning on June 2010
  • Lengths: 1,500 meter

  • No. of Berths: 4
  • Draft: 18 metres (PD)
  • Through-put capacity: 25 million ton/year

  • Tankers up to: DWT 180,000 loaded & VLCC loaded
  • No. of loading Arms (32) each berth has:
  • 4×16 inch MLA.

    4×12 inch MLA.


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