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Canadian Marine Pilots Association

50 O'Connor St., Suite 901
K1P 6L2 Ottawa


The Canadian Marine Pilots' Association was founded in 1966 to foster public awareness of the role of marine pilots in protecting public safety and the environment, and to work with other marine stakeholders to ensure a vibrant and healthy marine sector.

The CMPA represents Canada's marine pilots and is concerned with all marine issues as they affect pilots - whether expressed through legislation, regulation, policy reviews or industry consultations. The Association is not involved in contract negotiations or the day-to-day relations between pilots, the pilotage authorities and pilotage users.

The CMPA is a member of the Canadian Merchant Service Guild, the national association representing masters, mates, pilots, engineers and other marine officers. The CMPA also works closely with a number of Canadian organizations representing shippers, shipowners, ports and other industry stakeholders.

The CMPA is also a member of the International Maritime Pilots' Association which represents pilots from approximately 50 countries throughout the world. The CMPA is active in a number of other worldwide organizations, including the International Maritime Organization, contributing to their deliberations on such matters as safety and regulatory issues.


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