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Station Pilotage Casablanca

16, rue Jilali El Oraibi


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Station Port : Jetée Moulay Youssef
  +212 5 22 31 55 15
  +212 5 22 44 06 71

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Video La station de pilotage des ports de Casablanca et Jorf-Lasf

published on 16 July 2020

The pilot station of the ports of Casablanca and Jorf-Lasfar operates in accordance with the 1937 Dahir on the reorganization of the pilot station of the port of Casablanca, which regulates all aspects of the organization and operation of the station, including the recruitment of pilots, as well as the pension and relief fund.
With the advent of Law 15/02 in 2005 on port reform, the station spontaneously adhered to it by creating a commercial company in application of article 13 of the said...