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Maritime Lotsen Mayotte

97600 - Mamoudzou
BP 279


A permanent service...

Qualified Merchant Marine crew members offer the following services :
- The pilotage of any vessel (even nuclear submarines) along the entire lagoon of Mayotte.
- Offshore medical evacuation in cooperation with casualty specialists.
- Offshore transhipment of staff and replacement of crew.
- All hydrographic work or advice about maritime navigation.
- And why not... Anything you would like to inquire us about that has not yet been done.

Since 1987 the maritime pilotage insures safe navigation in Mayotte's lagoon. The pilot is available 24 hours/day when needed by shipowners and the port.

Until today, 6 500 vessels have been handled without accident and the pilotage makes an effort to apply international standards of ISO 9002 quality.

Modern equipment is provided which is regularly audited by the technical services of the French Maritime Departement (Affaires Maritimes Françaises).


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