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OMMP Office de la marine marchande et des ports
Tunisian merchant marine and port authority)

Administrative Building,
2060 La Goulette


Port Authority
In accordance with the Law No. 109 of 28 December 1998 and in addition to Port Authority, the administration and the maritime authority have been delegated to the Merchant Marine and Ports Authority, therefore, this latter holds both maritime authority and port authority.
Concerning the port authority, it is charged by controlling and ensuring the handling of all ships and goods in the best conditions (in terms of time, cost, safety and security) through Tunisian ports (Bizerte, Goulette, Rades, Sousse, Sfax, Gabes and Zarzis)
Tunisian ports chain extends on over 1300 Km long coastline is composed of eight commercial ports open to international traffic .

Maritime commercial ports :
Bizerte-Menzel Bourguiba : dominated by oil traffic.
Radès : specialized in the traffic of containers and trailers.
La Goulette : Specialized in the passenger traffic and cruise.
Sousse : Specialized in the treatment of the diverse goods.
Sfax-Sidi Youssef : Multipurpose port (General goods, grain…)
Gabès : industrial port specialized in chemicals traffic.
Zarzis : Dedicated for the handling of oil traffic and marine salt.
Skhira : Specialized in the traffic of hydrocarbons and chemical products.


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