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Sudanese Maritime Pilots

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The Sudanese Maritime Pilots’ Association (SMPA)

The Sudanese Maritime Pilots’ Association (SMPA), is a professional, non profit making body with a truly experiance outlook. It is primarily concerned with promoting professional standards of Sudanese pilotage in the interests of pilots’ safety and showcase the good practise of the Local Pilotage services. It seeks to fulfil this momentous task by encouraging both consultation between its members and the exchange of technical information with other maritime industry partners and regulators at the local, regional and international levels in line with Sudanese Sea Ports corporation & Sudanese customs regulations.

Pilotage is a mandatory public service by the sea law of Sudan,and ports rules and regulations, strictly regulated by the government, related to maritime safety and protection of the environment. The task of the pilots is to assist the Vessels Masters calling Sudanese ports and their approaches by bringing them not only knowledge of the local maritime conditions and operational practices but also their daily extensive experience of navigating ships in restricted waters. They optimize thus, in an efficient way, the traffic flow and the operation of port facilities while ensuring the control of risks inherent in sailing ships in sensitive coastal areas.


Capt. Ahmed Sati - DP World JA Pilot
General secretary

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