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Florida Harbor Pilots Association

PO Box 38294
Tallahassee, FL32315


The Florida Harbor Pilots Association is comprised of nearly 100 highly-skilled and highly-trained harbor pilots that serve each of Florida’s 14 deepwater ports.

In addition to ensuring the safe navigation of these vessels, harbor pilots know the intricate details and local conditions of the waterways and channels that surround Florida’s ports and are often called upon by Florida’s port authorities to assist with the planning of new seaport development and new ship operations.


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Florida Harbor Pilots - Who We Are


Video Florida Harbor Pilot Boarding Submarine

A Florida Harbor Pilot encountering the pilot pilot ladder of a submarine. First harbor pilots must make their way offshore through rough seas to a vessel desiring their expertise to safely enter port. Next harbor pilots must negotiate the dangerous boarding accommodations to embark on vessels of every type. Next, the real work begins by using years of experience and centuries of knowledge passed down through the rigorous training process, to safely guide vessels in and out of Florida's many deep water ports.