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20359 Hamburg


Based in Hamburg, SevenCs develops S-57 chart display Kernels for ECDIS, WECDIS and other maritime applications, ENC production and distribution software, and professional maritime navigation software.

In addition to our software we provide a complete range of complementary services, including training, consultancy, and customer support.


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ORCA™ Pilot X

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ORCA™ Pilot X product sheet
CIOplus 2018

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Article SevenCs Shakes Up Digital Navigation for Pilots and Professional Mariners

by - published on 4 June 2020

SevenCs, part of the ChartWorld Group, is pleased to announce the release of our ground-breaking ORCA™ Pilot X software. Originally designed as a primary navigation aid for Pilots, ORCA Pilot X is the industry’s leading tool for professional navigators. In an industry first, ORCA Pilot X is being offered as a free download on the Apple AppStore for iOS tablets.

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