ORCA™ Pilot X

by SevenCs 760 -

Product Highlights:
• Use On Any Hardware/OS (iOS, Android, Windows)
• Fastest Chart Engine On The PPU Market
• Customisation
• 3D Viewing
• S-100 Ready

- Gain efficiency having one provider for both charts and PPU software
- Rapid installation of Official ENCs
- Compatibility with Web-Mapping-Services (WMS)
- GRIB overlays
- Implementation of web services

- Save time and use the integrated Import- functionality for routes
- Quick route creation due to touch screen optimized waypoint-handles
- Merge, copy, reverse routes
- ‘Live‘ saving functionality of routes

- Docking Mode with transversal speed vectors and ROT
- ‘Friendly Target‘ feature supresses alarms and vectors for assisting tugs
- Distancelines to AIS targets, chart objects and fenderlines

- 3D is not a game, make use of increased ‘look ahead‘ without zooming.
- Increased situational awareness in complicated traffic situations

- Calculate meeting points to other ships
- Check arrivals at points along your route

- If you have a bigger group of users, organise your team via the management console
- Share files, push settings, backup data

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Mr. Hai Pham Tan Cang Pillot LLC, Vietnam
on 11 March 2023, 03:17 UTC

Apple store don't allow to install in Vietnam. Where can it install ?


Video Pilot Boat Alongside Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship

published on 18 August 2021

From our deck 12 cabin balcony, some footage of the pilot boat coming alongside Virgin Voyages' cruise ship Scarlet Lady in the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. If you're expecting action and excitement then brace yourself for not quite that at all, but it is fairly impressive how close the pilot boat gets to the larger vessel, bouncing around on the waves. I did want to see the pilot leap from the ship to the boat but in truth got tired of waiting so if that's the bit...


Article PFMBlue installed on pilot vessel in one of the world most remote ports.

published on 13 June 2022

Lyttelton Port Company Limited (LPC) are the operators of the largest Port in the South Island of New Zealand, have chosenPFMBlue´s GP16B to be installed.


Video Another Trip From Pilot boat to Vessel's Bridge

published on 14 February 2022

Continuing with the pilot-boarding series, here it is another day in paradise: Doing my normal routine, climbing towards the bridge, in order to start Master-Pilot Information Exchange for a safer berth operation
If you want to see the second part of this ship (From Vessel's Bridge to Pilot boat), go to


Article Liverpool Pilotage Services with new website

published on 20 July 2021

Take a look!


Video Meet Pilot Juliet, Lagos Port Complex

published on 26 September 2023

Ever wondered what Marine Pilots do or if females can fit into the vocation? Meet Pilot Juliet is your answer. Produced for the Nigerian Ports Authority by Maritime TV Africa


Video Eden Pilot Station & it's Harbour Masters-Pilots

published on 17 August 2020

Created by Eden Killer Whale Museum in association with a display, 'Navigating the way' looking back at the 160 years of history of Eden's Pilot Station and its harbour masters-pilots.
'Navigating the way' was on display from 19 August 2020.


Video Maersk Semarang - Pilotage into Fremantle Harbour.

published on 24 March 2021

Maersk Semarang. Containership.332m x 43m, 116544t displacement.Berthing Fremantle Inner Harbour 07/02/2020. 2 x Fremantle Pilots.3 x Svitzer A-Class tugs.


Article Forth Ports (UK) orders two new pilot boats for Rivers Forth and Tay

by Forth Ports Group - published on 27 February 2024

The investment in the vessels to work on the busy waterways will see the arrival next year of the next generation of pilot boats built by Holyhead Marine.