ORCA™ Pilot X

by SevenCs 548 -

Product Highlights:
• Use On Any Hardware/OS (iOS, Android, Windows)
• Fastest Chart Engine On The PPU Market
• Customisation
• 3D Viewing
• S-100 Ready

- Gain efficiency having one provider for both charts and PPU software
- Rapid installation of Official ENCs
- Compatibility with Web-Mapping-Services (WMS)
- GRIB overlays
- Implementation of web services

- Save time and use the integrated Import- functionality for routes
- Quick route creation due to touch screen optimized waypoint-handles
- Merge, copy, reverse routes
- ‘Live‘ saving functionality of routes

- Docking Mode with transversal speed vectors and ROT
- ‘Friendly Target‘ feature supresses alarms and vectors for assisting tugs
- Distancelines to AIS targets, chart objects and fenderlines

- 3D is not a game, make use of increased ‘look ahead‘ without zooming.
- Increased situational awareness in complicated traffic situations

- Calculate meeting points to other ships
- Check arrivals at points along your route

- If you have a bigger group of users, organise your team via the management console
- Share files, push settings, backup data

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Mr. Hai Pham Tan Cang Pillot LLC, Vietnam
on 11 March 2023, 03:17 UTC

Apple store don't allow to install in Vietnam. Where can it install ?


Video Pilot on board # 1

published on 10 February 2021


Article A contempt for pilot safety and total disregard for the contents of the SOLAS Convention.

by Captain Kevin Vallance MNI - published on 4 October 2019

Tuesday, October 1st is the start date of the latest International Maritime Pilot Association's annual Safety Campaign.

Previous campaigns by the association have consistently shown results of pilot ladder deficiencies around the 20% mark.


Video Pilot Boat "Puffin" at Yarmouth

published on 9 June 2021

Vos Pace is a Dutch registered ship being seen out by Puffin Pilot vessel at Great Yarmouth 8th June 2021. Vos Pace is 83m long and 18m wide and made in 2015. Puffin is as long as Vos Pace is wide at 18m and 4m wide itself
I run over and managed to grab some nove shots even though the sun was facing into camera some of the time. As Puffin came back it looked even better I thought.
Music by me.
Internet search 'Calvertfilm'.


Article Ninth Pilot 1820 - twelfth pilot boat for the demanding Norwegian market

published on 5 September 2022

Kewatec builds the twelfth pilot boat and the ninth Pilot 1820 boat for Buksér og Berging in Norway. The boat is of the same series as the previous Pilot 1820 boats that have been delivered during the last five years. The boats have a total length of 18.2 meters and are the flagships of Kewatec's pilot boat range.


Article Report on P&I claims involving vessels under pilotage 1999-2019

published on 22 December 2020

This report on incidents involving vessels under pilotage, is an update on that issued in 2006. The IG’s first report examined five years of data between 1999 and 2004.


Article Challenges in the world’s largest pilot station - pilot services in Brazil

by - published on 10 June 2020

The 160 pilots allotted to the PZ are distributed in eight pilot companies responsible for attending ships that seek the ports or terminals of Santana (AP), Munguba (PA), Santarém (PA), Trombetas (PA), Juruti (PA) and Itacoatiara (AM), as they sail upriver (against the current).


Video Departing Miami on Norwegian Sky & Pilot Boat

published on 28 February 2020

It is time to depart Miami on our 5 Day Florida & Bahamas cruise aboard Norwegian Sky - follow along as we pass South Beach and watch the pilot leave the ship and head back to Miami!


Article NTSB investigation: Collision of LNG carrier with tank barge linked to pilot’s actions

published on 2 April 2021

The LNG carrier ‘Genesis River’ collided with a 297-foot-long tank barge being pushed ahead by the 69-foot-long towing vessel ‘Voyager’, spilling petrochemical cargo into the waterway and capsizing a barge.


Video New Pilot Boat for sale (Instanbul/Turkey)

published on 12 May 2021

new for sale “pilot boat”, from Istanbul stock +boat +transfer +crew, [ambulance boat] +looking +passenger +boat from +Istanbul +stock?
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