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Lotsenbrüderschaft Emden

Bollwerkstrasse 45
26725 Emden


The pilot - safety advisor on board

The "territorial voyage" - manoeuvring on the shipping routes and in the ports - places special demands on nautical navigation. Merchant vessels of ever larger dimensions are safe to navigate in narrow waterways with often heavy traffic.

The German sea pilot system has a long tradition. Today's structure is the result of centuries of development, which came to an end in the Seelotsgesetz of 1954. There it says:

"Seelotse is anyone who, after official approval, professionally guides ships on maritime shipping routes outside the ports or across the sea as a consultant with local and shipping knowledge.

The advice of sea pilots is particularly in demand in narrow and difficult fairways on seas, rivers and canals. They guide the ship through shallows and dangers. They help the captain to reach his destination safely even in bad weather, fog, storm and ice conditions.


Lotsenstation Emden
  +49 4921 24000
  +49 4921 32919
UKW Kanal 12
Lotsenstation Borkum
  +49 4922 923 589 36
  +49 4922 923 589 37
UKW Kanal 16 / 9

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