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FFPM - Fédération Française des Pilotes Maritimes

74 rue du Rocher
75008 Paris


The French maritime pilots association has been created in 1905.
It is still enthusiastic and we hope that your visit on our website will show our dynamism.

French maritime pilots are working in and around every French coastal waters, including overseas territories and over Northern Europe (Channel/North sea – Deep-sea Pilots).

Each and every day they insure a safe passage for ships inbound, outbound or in transit.

Their daily actions are of a paramount importance to protect French coasts and enhance maritime safety in broad terms.

On behalf of every 346 French maritime pilots and every staff members (pilot boats crew, helicopters crew and offices executives), we expect that your surfing on this site will give you a better knowledge of our job and its professionals.

We will greatly appreciate your questions and comments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Have a nice journey on the web, enjoy your navigation and as seamen say: ”Good trip”!

Yours sincerely,
Jean Philippe Casanova, President of the FFPM


Jean Philippe Casanova
President F.F.P.M.

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