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Praticagem Espirito Santo

R. Abiail do Amaral Carneiro 41
9º andar, salas 902/903
Enseada do Suá 29050


The registry of the first time a vessel received local assistance to reach remote parts of rivers and bays in Espírito Santo is lost in time.

Rules regarding Pilotage services in Barra do Rio Doce are registered as far back as 1862. On May 24, 1877, the “Presidency of the Province of Espírito Santo” also approved the services of pilots at the Piúma and Benevente harbor entrances...

Later, on March 13, 1897, due to the development of the Port of Vitória and the coffee production in the region, a specific regulation was enacted for the Pilotage services in the harbor entrance and port of Vitória. This remained in force without significant alterations until June 8, 1960, when the Maritime Pilots’ Association for the Port and Harbor Entrances of Espírito Santo registered its by-laws in Vitória. On November 6, 1961, the responsibility for the Pilotage infrastructure was transferred to the pilots who undertook its management and started to function as self-employed professionals.

In subsequent years, the association progressed to accompany the state’s port growth, with the following ports being built: Port of Tubarão (1969), Private Terminal of Ponta Ubu (1976), Port of Barra do Riacho (1978) and Port of Praia Mole (1986).

As of 1997, due to the natural changes in the Brazilian legal system, the Pilotage Services incorporated the possibility of rendering of services through General Partnerships, with a syndicate representing the pilots having the task of studying, coordinating and legally protecting the pilots qualified by the Brazilian Maritime Authority to perform their duties in the entire State of Espírito Santo.

Later new terminals started to operate, among which the Oceangoing Barge Terminal (2006), the Maritime Transport Terminal of Barra do Riacho (2013) and the Private Use Terminal of the Jurong Shipyard in Aracruz (2015).


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