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PMO - Ports & Maritime Organization

No.1, Shahidi Street., Shahid Haghani Exp'way, Vanak Sq.,



The implementation of state sovereignty on the coasts and ports to provide the necessary facilities for expansion of maritime commerce, coastal communications and collection of the prevalent emolument and tolls are parts of PMO duties which were set at 25 November 1814 AD.

Mission & Function

Organizing the affairs related to Iranian sea ports and commercial shipping

Establishing, complementing and expanding buildings, installations and repair areas designed for sea port activities and commercial shipping as well as providing the related facilities and equipment and operating them

Preparing, adopting and implementing regulations and legislations related to port and maritime activities and commercial shipping, in accordance with the relevant national, regional and international requirements

Regulating the issues related to ship pilotage as per the decisions and approvals of the ports and Maritime Organization High Council

Exerting full supervision over the issues related to the coastal and commercial shipping activities, with an eye on the attempts for their development and guaranteeing safety and security of maritime activities, not to forget taking any other action that would be deemed necessary for the progress and promotion of coastal and commercial shipping;

Organizing and installing navigation lights, signals and other aids at seas and in rivers in order to guarantee safety of shipping in waterways

Registering ships and vessels of commercial, recreational and other functionalities under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and maintaining them in compliance with the relevant requirements

Issuing certificates of different kinds, such as technical competence, maritime, and so on, for the personnel working on board maritime units in accordance with the relevant requirements


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