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Hafenlotsengesellschaft Bremerhaven

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27568 Bremerhaven


Welcome to the Harbour Pilots Bremerhaven
The Harbour Pilot Corporation Bremerhaven consists of 32 highly qualified and trained mariners, who take care of safe navigation of ships in the port of Bremerhaven 24/7, 365 days the year.

Each harbour pilot gathered many years of experience as a captain. Countless maneuvers in the port of Bremerhaven make them specialists in safe ship handling in confined waters.

From the largest container ships and car carriers of the world, over cruise vessels and special ships, as well as fishing vessels and towing units, to the smallest coaster - all ships have been served safely and reliable for decades. Many docking and undocking maneuvers at local shipyards complete our field of operation.

The harbour pilot becomes a member of the bridge team as a consultant of the captain and creates an important link between ship and shore. This link is essential to guarantee the safety of all participants in port ship movements.

We keep ourselves up to date through continuous training and participation in research projects for the development of future-oriented on-board as well as land sensor systems.


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