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Compmillennia LLC

United States of America
+1 (252) 628-8065 +1 (252) 628-8065
706 Hackney Avenue
Washington, NC 27889
United States of America


Compmillennia’s LIGHTSPEED Catamaran is a sleek center console which tops 60 mph and fits a fishing party of 6-8 or family and friends from 14-16. Its innovative design—including advance composite construction—make it incredibly strong and lightweight.

An extremely efficient hull design also helps with the boat’s incredible fuel economy.

Compmillennia’s goal is to produce a small catamaran to compete with larger V-bottom center consoles in open water, but with a much friendlier fuel consumption. Larger V- bottoms need a lot of engine horsepower to push their 22’ to 39’ length along the water- line, and more horsepower equals more weight, more cost, larger vehicles to tow and more fuel.


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