Suggestion of Pilot Transfer Point At Stern of the Pilot Boat by Capt. Nasir Khan

published on 25 August 2021 546 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "Marine-Pilots". Originally published on 2021-08-25.

Suggestion of Pilot Transfer Point At Stern of the Pilot Boat - by Khan

Found on YouTube. Created by "Projects _ Professionalist ". Originally published on 2021-08-25.
Suggestion of Pilot Transfer Point @ stern of the Pilot Boat. By Khan

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Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 30 August 2021, 08:40 UTC

Thanks everyone

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 27 August 2021, 09:52 UTC

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 27 August 2021, 09:51 UTC

Everyone Please to informing you that sound missing in video shared by Marin-Pilots . so i like share link that you can hear the voice of mine so please click on it thanks .

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 26 August 2021, 13:00 UTC

Dear Herman please read or watch carefully my content during transfer time skipper will be at Stern his wheel and Engine lever extra will be fixed at Stern as well and he will be side by side to pilot .
I hope you understand the my point.
Have a great day
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Herman Broers Loodswezen Rotterdam - Rijnmond, Netherlands
on 26 August 2021, 12:05 UTC

I don’t see the pilot tender skipper move outside to the poopdeck 10 times an hour on a winter night in the North Sea.
The procedure over here is that the tender does not move under the ladder until the very last moment. It should not be under the ladder in the first place.

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 26 August 2021, 11:56 UTC

Dear sir Mr.Herman that's right But as I mentioned skipper position will side to pilot point which will be not more than 2 meter of distance apart .
Skipper will be able to see Easley activity of pilot during transfer.

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 26 August 2021, 11:52 UTC

Dear Sir Mr.Frank Diegel Thanks for supportive .
Your involvement in my content make me proud.
Have a wonderful day Sir

Frank Diegel Germany
on 26 August 2021, 11:24 UTC

good and important point, Herman!

Herman Broers Loodswezen Rotterdam - Rijnmond, Netherlands
on 26 August 2021, 10:36 UTC

Pilot boat skipper needs to be able to see the ladder (and the pilot) at all times, hence the embarkation position forward of the steering position.

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 25 August 2021, 13:44 UTC

Dear Sir's Mr. Riccardo & Mr. Frank Thanks for being supportive .


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