Five questions for Ahmed Sati / Marine Pilot at P&O Maritime

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Five questions for Ahmed Sati / Marine Pilot at P&O Maritime

In our new section “Five questions for ..." introduces pilots and other market players to our readers in short interviews.

Today we are happy to start with Capt. Ahmed Sati, Marine Pilot at P&O Maritime.

How long have you been working as a pilot and why did you choose this special job?

I have been working as a Pilot for over 9 years which started in Sudan to Qatar and finally in Jebel Ali port Dubai/UAE which is a dream came true.

I am a 3rd generation Pilot from a mariners family, I had always dreamed to be a pilot since I was a child. I used to see how respectful my father’s position was and since the pilots housing was close to the entrance of the port, I was always watching my father climb ships and how he was enjoying his career

What is the best thing about your job and why?
It is a challenging job where we encounter different situations and face different risks every single pilotage job. I see pilotage as a big part of my personality which I have passion and desire to continue doing.

What do you take with you onboard for each pilotage?
I consider myself a traditional type of pilot or old fashion, I board every ship wearing proper and complete PPE and I don’t carry any additional items even  glasses or Phone unless the ship size requires to use PPU.

Do you have wishes for future improvements for pilots, especially in safety?
I wish that the new generations of pilots will have easier way to be pilots. A proper pilotage school with training simulators, manned models, actual ships and training curriculum and methods to prepare the pilots before joining any organization.

I wish also to encourage the pilotage organization worldwide to be part of ISPO or follow similar standards which will ensure the continuity of pilots training and development.

What makes your pilotage area special? Which special skills are required from pilots?
Working in Jebel Ali port, one of the world’s biggest ports is a challenge itself. In addition to the high density of ships, the two-way traffic channel and the variety of ships sizes and types, we have pilots from all continents coming from different schools and methodologies which needs to be understood.

One more question - what is your opinion about
Marine-Pilots for me is a MUST although came late. The Pilots worldwide needed a platform to discuss, share and exchange experiences. Now, thanks to Marine-Pilot, we finally have it.

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In our new new section “Five questions for ..." introduces pilots and other market players to our readers in short interviews.

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