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Carlisle & Bray Enterprises, LLC
Covington, United States of America
This job posting has expired.

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Responsible for the safe and efficient operation and performance of their crew, vessel, and tow; and for ensuring that the equipment is kept neat, clean, and in good working order.
Ensure that company policies, rules, and regulations are followed and the “Rules of the Road” and all applicable Federal, state, and local regulations are strictly adhered to.
Report to the office all violations of C & B Marine, LLC policies, or violations of Federal, State, or local laws.
Investigate and notify management of any serious or marine casualty.
Conduct regularly scheduled emergency drills.
Conduct inspections of the towboat and equipment to ensure its seaworthiness and compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and take corrective action where necessary.



Ability to operate a motor vessel.
Ability to climb up and down a ladder.
Ability to lift and carry heavy rope, and to fasten rope to deck fittings.
Ability to operate a hand activated winch and ratchet.
Ability to converse with customers and vendors, and use a telephone.
Lift 50 Pounds from floor to waist level without aid or difficulty.
Walk Safely on uneven Decks while maintaining balance at all times.
Walk at a normal pace up and down (4) flights of stairs without stopping at one time.
Climb and descend a (18) FT. Ladder Safely with PFD on.
Transit up and down into a small boat from a Towing Vessel with a (30) Inch change in elevation with PFD.
Twist 90 degrees left and right at waist while standing.
Reach up 90 Degrees with both arms overhead while siting and standing and then pull down.
Bend down while standing at waist and touch the floor with fingertips and then return upright to standing position without Aid or difficulty.
Must fit through a normal manhole cover that is 56.5 Inches in circumference.
Step up and down with a change in elevation of (12) Inches (12) times without stopping while maintaining balance at all times.



Meet all Medical Requirements as stipulated in USCG Guidelines for the License that they hold and exercise the privileges granted under it in service to C & B Marine, LLC

Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
Prescription Medications
Non – Prescription Medications
Sleep Apnea
All other areas that apply from regulations


Advise the office of anticipated crew shortages or overages immediately so as to enable the office to make timely manning adjustments among the vessels.
Instruct every crewmember to be courteous to people at fleets, docks, locks, (as well as co-workers) etc.
Set the watch-standing schedule for their crew, ensuring that no licensed pilot works more than 12 hours in any 24 hour period.
Post a station bill and ensure that all crewmembers are familiar with their respective stations and duties in case of an emergency.
On watch at all times.
Make frequent, regular inspections of crew quarters, heads, galley, and all other areas of the boat to ensure neatness, cleanliness, orderliness, safety and proper maintenance.
Ensure that all barges are in navigable condition and report any deficiencies to the office. Damaged or endangered barges will be reported immediately and appropriate measures taken to ensure their safety.
Each morning have the following information compiled and faxed to the office: Vessel Log, Site specific Fleet Sheet, Customer Checklist (if applicable), and other pertinent information.
Maintain the Vessel Log and see that it is posted at the end of the watch.
Report all personal injuries or illnesses occurring on the vessel, regardless of the severity, to the office.
Report all accidents resulting in actual or possible damage to any C & B Marine, LLC boat, other vessel, fixed objects such as bridges, docks or locks, other objects such as buoys, or damage which results in cargo loss, contamination, spills or pollution to the office.
Responsible for implementing and enforcing all C & B Marine, LLC safety policies and procedures on the vessel.

Current U. S. Coast Guard Operator, Un-inspected Towing Vessels license endorsed for service on Inland Waters.

This job posting has expired.

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