Ever Forward March 20, 2022 Update: We Are Going To Need a Bigger Dredge

published on 21 March 2022 495 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "What is Going on With Shipping? w/Sal Mercogliano ". Originally published on 2022-03-20.
Ever Forward March 20, 2022 Update: We Are Going To Need a Bigger Dredge

What's Going on With Shipping
March 20, 2022

On this episode of What's Going on With Shipping, Sal Mercogliano - former merchant mariner and maritime historian at Campbell University - updates the situation regarding the grounding of MV Ever Forward, which departed Baltimore on March 13, 2022 enroute to Norfolk. The video provides the latest information on the grounding of the vessel and the plans released by Evergreen on the proposed salvage of the ship using dredges. We also discussed the previous large marine salvage in Chesapeake Bay when USS Missouri went aground for two weeks in 1950 departing Norfolk. The final element examines the proposed salvage plan, raises issues with the lack of sufficient dredges on place, communication from Evergreen Marine, and the failure to adequately provide sufficient infrastructure in the area of dredging and salvage for US ports.

NOTE: I do MATH in this episode and my degree is in HISTORY so any errors are my own!

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00:00 Ever Forward Grounding Recap
04:10 Evergreen Plan to Refloat Ever Forward
09:38 USS Missouri 1950 Grounding in the Chesapeake
11:38 Week 1 Progress on Salvage
12:47 Ramifications due to Ever Forward Grounding
18:07 How Long Will It Take to Dredge and What Damage to Ever Forward

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Dredging Act of 1904 today
46 U.S. Code 55109
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