Next-level shiphandling simulation using VR

by Captain, MSc. Remko Fehr - published on 13 December 2023 0 -

Kiel Pilots introducing Morild Interaktiv AS Virtual Reality Simulator for next-level manoeuvring training

With the support from the German Waterway Authorities (WSV) and the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) we have been able to establish the VR test case for Germany.
  • Digital twin of our pilotage area with un-paralelled accuracy, based on official topographic, 3D buildings and high-density bathymetric data.
  • Voice control of the VR simulator for helmsman, tugboat and linesman. We call it the “Morild-Siri”. Controlling the simulator without instructor intervention.
  • The voice control of manoeuvring elements is a perfect fit for pilot training, while manual operation is always possible.
  • Full immersion through stereoscopic vision of the VR headset, enabling a whole new range of visual simulator scenarios. Including bearing compass connected to the ECDIS.
  • Integration of real-time AIS traffic, as well as tidal data.
While most exercises on conventional simulators end when the vessel is in a steady-state 30 meters from the pier, our VR simulator setup enables manoeuvres all the way alongside. Including realistic line handling.

At the Lotsenbrüderschaft NOKII/Kiel/Lübeck/Flensburg (Kiel Pilots) we have been testing VR solutions for the past three years. With Morild Interaktiv AS we have found an excellent fit for pilotage organizations.

Kiel Pilot Remko Fehr says:
"A big thank you to Olav-Rasmus Vorren and his team for their fantastic work.We are excited to be part of this evolution in maritime training!"

Watch the detailed video about the project here:
For more information about the project, you can contact Capt. Pilot Remko Fehr directly via his profile (see Member Profile below).
PPU, Simulator Training active marine pilot - Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK II Kiel / Lübeck / Flensburg

15 years experience in the cruise industry in various ranks up to Captain. Started as Marine Pilot in 2015.
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Video Kiel Pilots using VR for next-level shiphandling simulation

by Captain, MSc. Remko Fehr - published on 13 December 2023

Kiel Pilots introducing Morild Interaktiv AS Virtual Reality Simulator for next-level manoeuvring training


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