Suggestions to improve Pilot Ladder Safety

by Nasir Khan - published on 28 June 2021 424 -

Can we make these Experiments?

Modifications: Ships Ladder Handrails & Width of the Pilot Ladder steps
Article and photos by Nasir Khan, Harbour Pilot, Pakistani

Also watch the video for the article at the end of the post!

I analyzes the subject of fallen Pilots are two main Reasons:

Pilots hands are lose their grip at ships handrail

At transfer point mostly pilots loose their grip on Ships Ladder handrails, specially at ships combination ladder extensions.
I suggesting if we rotate small size, approx 4mm diameter rope around the handrails.
I ensure that such a griping Ladder Extension handrails for Safety & Fall protection of Pilots.
I ensure that such a griping Ladder Extension handrails for Safety & Fall protection of Pilots.
I ensure that such a griping Ladder Extension handrails for Safety & Fall protection of Pilots.
I ensure that such a griping Ladder Extension handrails for Safety & Fall protection of Pilots.

Pilots feet are slip from ladder steps

I Mainly observed that the Pilot feet mostly unbalanced & slip from the Ladder steps, due to the width of the steps 115mm , where the Pilot feet are 50% rested at steps, that’s a reason the pilot body couldn’t safely balance and the risk of the slipping and falling escalate.
What I suggest that if we make an experiment, the width of ladder steps to be increase to make it double of 115mm. If we convert it will be 230mm steps width will be considered. It could be more safer while climbing up or down the Pilot feet will be fully & exactly placed on ladder steps . Wide steps for safe and comfortable boarding. I think it will minimize the risk of Pilots falling or occur incident.
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Gajanan Karanjikar India
on 1 July 2021, 01:39 UTC

yes these pipes are MS schedule and are in standard (diameter) sizes, anything more than 50 mm could be big for a grip of a palm. Plus wrong rope could absorb oil and be more slippery. Certainly PP ropes wrppings are not advisable at all.

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 29 June 2021, 08:41 UTC

Dear sir Capt. Gajanan.k , sir the standard size of handrails with rotated rope , so may its reduce the size of handrails 4 mm and apply the same size of rope to rotate on and maintain the standard size of handrails with rotated rope. I hope its will work. Thanks sir for your involvement .

Gajanan Karanjikar India
on 29 June 2021, 07:29 UTC

we need to see the final diameter after wrapping. it should not be more than 50 mm as not all hands can have better grip for bigger diameters.

Nasir Khan Saudi Arabia
on 28 June 2021, 16:06 UTC

I grateful to Marine- Pilots.com specially ( Mr. Frank Diegel ) being supportive . KHAN


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