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Master Loughraieb Smatti Algeria
on 13 December 2022, 02:08 UTC

Bonne continuation a vous tous.


Article 3 new vacancies for Marine Pilots added today

by Frank Diegel - published on 4 October 2021

We have currently researched 20 vacancies for Marine Pilots around the world. Take a look at our job section, where 3 new offers have been added today.


Article New aluminium pilot boat for the Savannah Pilots Association

published on 31 August 2022

The Savannah Pilots Association of Georgia received a brand-new aluminium pilot boat from Snow and Company, a Washington-based boat-builder.


Article CRPPA Seeks 28 Percent Raise Due to Mississippi River Challenges

by - published on 5 August 2020

According to a report from the the Crescent River Port Pilots Association wants to raise the pilotage fee.


Article The Pilot Magazine, Issue 331 by UKMPA

by United Kingdom Maritime Pilots Association - published on 14 December 2021 congratulates the UKMPA on the new design and layout of their new magazine "The Pilot". Really well done!
The Pilot Magazine is the official membership magazine of the United Kingdom Maritime Pilots' Association


Article Adding map and speedometer widgets in your time-lapse video

by River Pilot Kris De Decker - published on 29 September 2021

Adding map and speedometer widgets to your GoPro video clips. Tips by Capt. Kris de Decker


Video Winch pilot' training - Coast Guard Video

published on 29 November 2022

In the video shared, made by the Coast Guard communication department during the training days held at the Decimomannu and Pescara bases, some of the phases of the training, such as take-off-departure and 'winching' the pilot on board, are illustrated in sequence.


Video Bulk Carrier Docking at Liverpool Docks

published on 4 August 2020

Bulk Carrier "CSSC He Mei" docking in Gladstone Lock Liverpool with the assistance of 3 Svitzer tugs


Video River Bann Pilots

published on 28 July 2022

River Bann pilots transfer from Athos to pilot vessel Ulidia at Barmouth, River Bann. N. Ireland


Video Pilot Boat

published on 19 May 2022


Article BELCINAC – Compact pilot boat to operate in France’s Seine river

by Baird Maritime - published on 22 November 2023

French operator Seine River Pilot Station has expanded its fleet of pilot boats with the recent acquisition of a newbuild vessel from local builder Chantier Naval Delavergne.