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Master Loughraieb Smatti Algeria
on 13 December 2022, 02:08 UTC

Bonne continuation a vous tous.


Article Publication of the Brazilian Pilots' Association - Rumos Práticos 59

published on 20 October 2021

Publication of the Brazilian Maritime Pilots' Association - Rumos Práticos 59
In this edition of Rumos Práticos, we made a concerted effort to address safety, both in pilot embarkation/disembarkation and in port projects.


Article LOC Launch Digital Solution Enhancing Port Pilotage Safety

published on 26 February 2021

LOC, part of AqualisBraemar LOC Group, is pleased to announce it is launching a new digital solution to enhance safety of marine operations within ports and harbours.


Article Kiel Canal fully closed after accident

published on 30 November 2022

The Finnish special vessel "Meri" collided with Holtenau High Bridge (Holtenauer Hochbrücke) over the Kiel Canal early on Wednesday morning at around 4.37 am.


Video Evergreen Shipping’s new 24,000 TEU container ship EVER ACE

published on 12 August 2021

#一趟就回本#世界最大#長範輪 ●訂閱【TVBS選新聞】您在乎的事 TVBS幫您選👉 ●訂閱【TVBSNEWS】最新資訊馬上接收👉 ●下載【TVBS新聞APP】最即時! 立即下載👉 ●按讚【TVBS新聞FB】帶您掌握即時新資訊👉 ●追蹤【TVBS新聞IG】與您討論「您該在乎的事」👉 ●【TVBS新聞網】👉


Article celebrates its second birthday today

by Frank Diegel - published on 14 October 2021

Our community is growing day by day and all of us at say "Thank you!" to everyone who supports us and makes our platform for pilots possible. Look at our facts and figures and services:


Video Launching the Pacific Guardian

published on 23 November 2021

Ocean Pacific was contracted to construct a state-of-the-art Pilot boat for the Pacific Pilotage Authority. The craft features a MAN tier III emissions system, offering reduced diesel emissions.
In September 2021, The Pacific Guardian was splashed for the last time after some final finishing touches, and left Campbell River for Victoria where it will join a fleet of four other vessels for the Pacific Pilotage Authority. This state of the art pilot boat will aid in carrying out safe,...


Opinion AIMPA - The need and it´s Ideals

by Capt. Gajanan Karanjikar - Founder President - AIMPA - published on 12 February 2021

The formation of the All India Marine Pilot Association was a task which was required at any cost. The hurdles of Morale ground were noticed and one such organization was then decided to be formed by Group of Mariners who care for ’safety and security’ of the Pilot.


Video Berthing Hamburg port - Pilots' masterpiece

published on 6 May 2020

"A routine pilot task"


Article Book “Remote Pilotage” by Antti Rinkinen

published on 7 January 2022

Finland's first remote pilotage of a cargo ship will take place at the beginning of 2022. The first remote pilotage permits may be issued in 2025.


Video Pilot Boat Draco (Netherlands)

published on 10 October 2022