2021 SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum – DAY 3

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Found on YouTube. Created by "SAFETY4SEA". Originally published on 2021-10-21.
Welcome to the #2021SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum! On DAY 3 we are navigating through…

Forum Agenda
0:00 - Intro
0:06:38 - Panel #7 Ship Safety – Dry Bulk
1:10:38 - PPT: Loss Prevention, Capt. Konstantinos G. Karavasilis
1:23:20 - PPT: Digital Loss Prevention, Capt. Martti Simojoki
1:36:35 - Panel #8 Ship Safety – Tankers
2:38:02 - PPT: Balancing between automation and people: the Future of Maritime Training, Mrs. Joanna Eugenia Bakouni
2:47:16 - PPT: Training & Development: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic and way forward, Dr. Stefanos Chatzinikolaou
3:01:56 - PPT: Training & Development for the Maritime, Mrs. Chrysanthi Laimou
3:13:40 - PPT: Charting the Future: Are we still catching up?, Mr. John Southam

Panel 7 – Dry Bulk Ship Safety with
▶Capt. Akshat Arora, Standard Club, Senior Surveyor, Loss Prevention
▶Capt. Panagiotis Nikiteas, Maran Dry Management Inc., HSQE Manager / DPA / CSO
▶Mr. Dimitris Orfanos, M-MARITIME, HSQE Manager / DPA / CSO
▶Mr. John Prosilias, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry, Deputy Technical Manager

What are the alarming trends concerning dry bulk carriers? Any lessons learned?
What are the best practices to develop enhanced safety culture onboard dry bulk carriers?
What issues should be in the regulatory agenda with regards to dry bulk safety?

(PPT) Loss Prevention Presentations Session by
▶Capt. Konstantinos G. Karavasilis, UK P&I Club, Senior Loss Prevention Executive
▶Capt. Martti Simojoki, Alandia, Senior Loss Prevention Manager

Panel 8 – Tanker Ship Safety with
▶Capt. Steve Blair, Epic Marine Services Ltd, Managing Director
▶Mr. Alexandros Glykas, DYNAMARINe, Director
▶Mr. David Savage, Oceanfile Marine Ltd, Director
▶Capt. John Taylor, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Loss Prevention Manager
▶Mr. Thanasis Theodorou, Capital Ship Management Corp., DPA/CSO, S&Q Manager

How has TMSA improved tanker safety? What is the feedback from operators? Is there any need for an updated version or a new standard?
What are the best practices to develop enhanced safety culture onboard tankers?
What issues should be in the next regulatory agenda with regards to tanker safety?

(PPT) Training and Development Presentations Session by
▶Mrs. Joanna Eugenia Bakouni, Epsilon Hellas, Group Training Manager
▶Dr. Stefanos Chatzinikolaou, RINA, Consultant, Research – Innovation – Training
▶Mrs. Chrysanthi Laimou, Diaplous Group, Maritime College Manager
▶Mr. John Southam, North P&I Club, Loss Prevention Executive

🔹The event is sponsored by; ABB, Alandia, American Club, Arcadia, Augustea Ship Manning Phils. Inc, Blue Planet, Bureau Veritas, Capital Executive Shipmanagement Corp., Capital Gas Ship Management Corp., Capital Ship Management Corp., CR Ocean Engineering LLC, Diaplous Group, Dorian LPG Management Corp, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Limited, Elvictor Group, Epsilon Hellas, ERMA FIRST, EURONAV, Green-Jakobsen A/S, I.M.A. ASSESSMENT AND TRAINING CENTER INC, Latsco Marine Management Inc, MacGregor, MarineTraffic, Metropolitan College, MINTRA, North P&I Club, Oceanking, Palau Registry, RINA, ShipMedCare, Standard Club, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Sun Enterprises Ltd, Swedish Club, Synergy Group, Thome Group, Tsakos Group of Companies, UK P&I Club, Wallem, and World Link Communications.

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