Viking Mars Cruise Ship - Pilot Boarding

published on 22 September 2022 16 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "North Wales Boats and Planes". Recorded on 2022-09-17. Originally published on 2022-09-21.
The Viking Mars is a brand new cruise ship, built this year (2022). While it is a relatively small ship when it comes to cruise liners, it's still an imposing vessel. It's big enough to enable them to fit a planetarium, fitness center, hair salon, a spa, and the usual shops, restaurants and cabins.

We have filmed quite a few vessels coming in and out of Holyhead port now, and the Viking Cruise Line ships are, without doubt, some of the most classy and good looking vessels about. Lovely lines, and an understated design. Brilliant.

Again, as per last time, when the Viking Jupiter arrived here, we also put a drone in the air, to get some excellent shots of the vessel at anchor. We filmed it taking on passengers, the pilot getting on board, winching the tenders back onto the ship, weighing anchor, and making way - just as the sun began to set too.

An incredible vessel!

IMO: 9833187
MMSI: 257800000
Callsign: LACR8
Flag: Norway
Length / Beam: 229 / 32 m
Guests: 930
Length: 745 ft
Beam: 94.5ft
Class: Small Cruise Ship
Year Built: 2022

Ship spotting video #15

#ship #cruise #marine

Filmed at Holyhead from the breakwater and the air.

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