ORCA™ Pilot X

by SevenCs 760 -

Product Highlights:
• Use On Any Hardware/OS (iOS, Android, Windows)
• Fastest Chart Engine On The PPU Market
• Customisation
• 3D Viewing
• S-100 Ready

- Gain efficiency having one provider for both charts and PPU software
- Rapid installation of Official ENCs
- Compatibility with Web-Mapping-Services (WMS)
- GRIB overlays
- Implementation of web services

- Save time and use the integrated Import- functionality for routes
- Quick route creation due to touch screen optimized waypoint-handles
- Merge, copy, reverse routes
- ‘Live‘ saving functionality of routes

- Docking Mode with transversal speed vectors and ROT
- ‘Friendly Target‘ feature supresses alarms and vectors for assisting tugs
- Distancelines to AIS targets, chart objects and fenderlines

- 3D is not a game, make use of increased ‘look ahead‘ without zooming.
- Increased situational awareness in complicated traffic situations

- Calculate meeting points to other ships
- Check arrivals at points along your route

- If you have a bigger group of users, organise your team via the management console
- Share files, push settings, backup data

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Mr. Hai Pham Tan Cang Pillot LLC, Vietnam
on 11 March 2023, 03:17 UTC

Apple store don't allow to install in Vietnam. Where can it install ?


Article Briggs Marine: New pilot boat order for Goodchild Marine

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Goodchild Marine won the order to manufacture and deliver the vessel in 2023 to increase Briggs Marine’s fleet to six ORC-class pilot boats.


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Pilot boats Petrel, Kittiwake and Razorbill officially named in the Albert Dock, Liverpool back in April 2018. Each boat was officially named. Afterwards i was allowed onboard to have a sneak peak at Petrel, which a short video is included at the end of this video.


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The first permanent Mobile Bar Pilot was appointed by the King of France in the year 1711. Pilots have navigated ships over the Mobile (sand) Bar ever since. Shortly after Mobile was occupied by American troops during the War of 1812, the first American pilots were licensed. These men lived at a community located on Navy Cove known as Pilot Town . At first, the pilots worked independent of each other. They maintained a lookout; scanning the horizon for ships. When a sail was spotted, the...


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The Maryland Board of Pilots has decided to enact a rule change that forbids on-duty pilots from using their phones.


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