Improving maritime situational awareness with augmented reality solutions

published on 1 February 2022 96 -

The transport of goods by sea has always promoted and driven trade to a particular extent. In today‘s world, the amount of goods per unit of vessel has increased rapidly while crew numbers have been minimized. The reduction in safe manning levels is supported by the optimization of sensory information, a development that will continue as the digitalization of shipping continues.

In the past, regulatory changes in the maritime industry have often been the result of devastating disasters on or around a ship. However, such necessary changes often emerge years in advance; experts provide feedback based on their ship- and shore-based expertise and experience.

The sensory input on board ships and the possibility to use this information for safe and efficient navigation is given by technically modern systems. A major weakness here is the presentation of the different information to the user on the ship‘s bridge and the user-specific interaction with the systems. In order to present the large amount of helpful additional information to the user in an efficient way, future systems must be more innovative, above all more tailored to the user and more intensively networked. And they must be designed according to the valid standards. 

Due to the already existing and in the future still increasing amount of sensory data, new forms of processing and user-specific presentation of the information are necessary. It is also important to ensure the reliability of the innovative systems, including secure data exchange and data security. More safety, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency can thus be achieved.

This white paper provides an overview. Download the full PDF here:



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