Adjustment pilot transfer arrangement Multratug-19

by Arie Palmers - published on 9 August 2023 273 -

An article by Arie Palmers highlights his collaboration with Multraship to develop a solution aimed at enhancing the safety of pilot boarding on harbor tugs, ultimately reducing delays.

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Adjustment pilot transfer arrangement Multratug-19

Harbor tugs are generally unable to install a correct pilot transfer arrangement (PTA) due to their design in relation to the nature of their operations, leading to dangerous situations andrefusals from the pilots. Due to this situation, everal tow transports have been delayed andthere has also been an accident with injuries during an attempt to put a pilot onboard a towtransport with a non-compliant pilot transfer arrangement.

The harbor tugs are not yet equipped with handhold stanchions, with the result that the operating pilot has no support point to which he can grab. The door in the bulwark is opened (height above water 50-60cm), creating an opening to get on board. The golden rule of '3 points of support' that we propagate during the safety days for student pilots in the national part of the training program, cannot be implemented here. harbor tugs are equipped with a large fendering that they need for their work which cannot be removed. The consequence of this is that the small pilot launch almost always ends up under this fendering when trying to put a pilot on board, with great risks as a result.

I recently started talking to Multraship, because they are experiencing a lot of inconvenience due to a large number of transports at sea. Hildebrand Kamerling (salvage master/senior training captain) and the undersigned sat down around the table and recognized the problems from both our backgrounds and worked towards possible solutions.


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René Hartung Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK II Kiel / Lübeck / Flensburg, Germany
on 11 August 2023, 06:23 UTC

Looks like a good idea. Luckily our boats over here habe a higher freeboard, but I remember well from when I was working on tugs myself that these small boats were a bugger.


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