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Innovative Ship Simulation And Maritime Systems

Sonnenblumenweg 107
18199 Rostock


Innovative Ship Simulation And Maritime Systems GmbH (ISSIMS GmbH) develops high-level products to increase safety and efficiency in ship operation. Our expertise on Ship-Handling Simulation and Fast-Time Simulation technology has led to unmatched solutions for manoeuvring support.

The developed software tools exceed conventional waypoint planning by creating complete manoeuver plans that max out the ships’ manoeuvring potential. Complex manoeuvres can be monitored and controlled using Multiple Dynamic Predictions for optimal ship handling; and countermeasures can be calculated to avoid roll resonance and wave impact in heavy weather.

These tools are unmatched solutions for

  • application in maritime education and training to support lecturing and training for ship handling and manoeuvring. On the one hand it can be used to demonstrate and explain more easily manoeuvring-technology details to the trainee and on the other hand to prepare and perform manoeuvring training in Ship-Handling Simulators and to learn from discussion of the results,
  • application on board to assist manoeuvring of real ships e.g. to prepare manoeuvring plans for challenging harbour approaches with complex manoeuvres up to the final berthing/unberthing of ships.


Prof. Dr.
Knud Benedict
CEO - Modelling & Training
  +49 381 498–5891
Dipl. Ing.
Matthias Kirchhoff
CEO - Software Development & Application

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Video Shiphandling: Stopping & Speed vector

Another awesome video by Knud Benedict, ISSIMS


Video Characteristic Diagrams for ship behaviour under Wind Impact

This movie shows how to create the Characteristic Diagram for Wind effect on ships and limits of steerability under strong wind. It uses the previous demos made with the SAMMON Planning Software on turning tendency of ships on straight track and in turning motion.


Video SAMMON Demo Planning FtLauderdale Arrival with comments

This updated video shows how easy it is to develop an arrival plan with the SAMMON Planning Tool. As a sample the arrival from appraoch until the berth to Ft. Lauderdale is used under strong current of 2kn. At the simulator training courses where we used this tool for preparation of a manoeuvring plan during the briefing sessions all nautical officers involved stated afterwards: "Why don't we have this tool on our ships?"


Video Wind Impact on Ships Turning Motion

This video complements the earlier demonstration of wind effect on straight track and shows now wind effect on turning circles. It can be seen that during a turn under strong wind the ship reduces turning when it comes close to equilibrium on straight track - if the Wind-to-ship speed ratio is big enough then the ship even goes straight instead of turning. This is shown for three samples for Head, Stern wind and Beam wind. The turning can be increased if the ratio of Wind speed-to-ship...


Video Fast Time Simulation of manoeuvres - SAMMON

This video shows the underlying principles of the SAMMON software tools based on Fast Time Simulation of manoeuvres. It describes very shortly some of the features for manoeuvring planning and conning / monitoring with danymic prediction which are shown in more detail in the other movies on this channel.


Video Theory behind Turning dynamics of ships

"ISSIMS GmbH - Marine Prediction Technology" SAMMON Lecturing Video describing "Theory behind turning dynamics of ships" ------------------------------------------------------------- SAMMON - the IDEAL tool to identify manoeuvring capabilities of a ship - SAMMON - learning the EFFECTIVE way Comment by Gunter Schütze via LinkedIn: "Prof. Benedict a very interesting video by HS Wismar / Maritime Simulation Center Warnemünde ( MSCW) & Innovative Ship Simulation and Maritime Systems GmbH...