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Find the right training partner for marine pilots in your region.

The training and further education of a Maritime Pilot is important. Digitalisation also does not stop at the work of the pilots and many things change in the work on the ship and especially in the navigation on a ship.

The market overview of suppliers of marine pilots traning cannot be complete at the beginning and we are looking forward to any request from a company or organisation that trains pilots.

Latest articles

Scientific Fact: The ‘traditional’ understanding of the ship’s pivot point is wrong!

In fact, the pivot point that we “see” is a trick of the eye, it looks like the ship is rotating about this point but in fact it is elsewhere, a point that you cannot see. Read more...

Wärtsilä simulator upgrade will enhance Le Havre pilot operations

The technology group Wärtsilä will supply a complete navigational simulator upgrade for the Le Havre pilot station in France. The intention is to provide the pilot station with a totally new simulator specifically adapted to the requirements of the pilots’ operations. The order with Wärtsilä was placed in February 2020.The new unique visualisation system to be supplied is based on 14 DP projectors, comprising seven main circular and seven ground projection systems. It features a panoramic 350-degree screen. Read more...
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