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New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association

New Zealand


Our objectives are:

1 – To promote the professional and technical interests of New Zealand pilots and pilotage through investigation, information and representation.

2 – To enhance and protect the status of pilots.

3 – To enhance and protect the status of shipmasters wherever they may be associated with pilotage.

4 – To promote and maintain proper standards of performance of pilotage and associated matters of navigation and management.

5 – To review, investigate and report from time to time upon existing pilotage services and upon alternative systems of pilotage service, administration and operation.


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The New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association (NZMPA) mobile App has just been released for Android devices.

The App is primarily an information-sharing tool to help improve communications and enhance maritime safety.


Article New Zealand MPA Guidance to manage COVID19

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Following engagement with the New Zealand Maritime Pilots Association President, Steve
Banks, the following information is intended to provide guidance to support New Zealand’s
Maritime Pilots to carry out their critical functions.