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Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd

Kansakoulukuja 3
00100 Helsinki


Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd
is committed to the promotion of maritime safety and the prevention of harmful environmental impacts caused by vessel traffic.

Vision and mission
We provide pilotage services under all conditions in order to ensure the smooth flow and safety of marine navigation, as well as to significantly reduce the risks of environmental accidents. Our aim is to become the most highly esteemed and efficient pilotage organisation on the international level.

Common Values
The basis for all our activities is safety. We ensure safety for people, the environment and navigation.

We develop our operations through collaboration. We respect and value our customers, each other and the work we do.

We value our operational environment and develop our operations with a customer-oriented and systematic approach.

Key strategic objectives
We provide comprehensive, reliable and customer-oriented services to support navigation. We monitor customer satisfaction regularly and systematically, and develop our services together with our customers.

We bring added value to maritime safety work by producing information about navigational risks for the use of companies, the authorities and researchers.

We ensure our service level by flexibly utilising our human resources in a way that also supports good personnel policies.

We manage all aspects of our company operations in accordance with our values. We endeavour to systematically advance the leadership skills of our management.

We foster team spirit and a collaborative culture.


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