Pilot Vessel COMETA/ Change Pilots Maneuver

published on 28 October 2021 65 -

Found on YouTube. Created by "@ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar". Originally published on 2021-10-28.
Vehicles Carrier Ship "TOSCA"/ Change Pilots Maneuver #VehiclesCarrierShip #CarCarrierShip #RoRoShip #vehiclescarrier #ZonaComun #RioDeLaPlata #Argentina.-

This video of the Vehicles Carrier Ship "TOSCA", was filmed on board the same Vessel, when the Rio Paraná Pilots embarked on board, coming from the Pilot Vessel "COMETA".
The last part of the video was filmed on board the Pilot Vessel "COMETA" and shows the Embarking Maneuver of the Rio de la Plata Pilot and the Car Carrier Ship "TOSCA" at #ZonaComun #RioDeLaPlata #Argentina .

Vehicles Carrier Ship "TOSCA" - Flag: Singapore - IMO Number: 9605798 - Call Sign: 9V9459 - Type of Ship: Roll On/Off - LOA: 199,99 - Beam: 32,26 - Depth: 36,16 - Design Draft: 11,032 - Net Tonnage: 23696 - Maximum Draft: 08,82 FW - DW: 22585 - Delivered Year: 2012.-

FM: "San Antonio" #Chile .-
BHD: "Zárate" #Argentina .-

Special appreciation to the Master of the Ship "TOSCA", his Officers and the rest of his Crew.

Special appreciation to the Skipper of the Vessel "COMETA", his Chief Engineer and the Bosun.

Special thanks to the Rio Paraná Pilots, Mr. Hernán MONTERO and Mr. Francisco MARELLO.

Special thanks to the Rio de la Plata Pilot, Mr. Jorge NOYA.

You can watch the full video by clicking on the following Link: / Puedes ver el video apretando en el siguiente Link:

Date: 25th. October 2020.
Time: Since 16:20 Till: 16:35 hours (Local Time).

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#STSOperations #ststransfer #oilchemicaltanker #spm #crudeoiltanker #oiltanker #tanker #buques #shiptoship #topoff #lighteringarea #Recalada #ZonaAlijoAlfa #ZonaAlijoDelta #LighteningAreaALPHA #RioDeLaPlata #ultrabarqueros #ultrabarqueros2 #tug #lifeatsea #humansatsea #bulkcarriers #pilots #pilotboat #merchantnavy #instaship #merchant #instashipping #coolmariners #seafarer #sailing #maritime #shiplife #harbourtug #seamen #shipspotting #marinomercante #marinamercante #vidahumanaenelmar #seapilots #riverpilots #seapilotslife #containership #chemicaltanker #barcos #grandesbarcos #Ship #Vessel #Buque #lngtanker #lngtankerships #gascarrier #gascarriership #vehiclescarriership #vehiclescarrierships #vehiclescarrier #carcarrierships

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