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Found on YouTube. Created by "Icebreaker Snow". Originally published on 2023-02-04.
Pilot on Board - Documentary Movie ⚓️

The documentary Pilot on Board shows us the highly responsible work of Finnish pilots and pilot boat operators, through all seasons, in different circumstances, ships and ports. In spring we go onboard in Örregrund, Kotka, to guide the cargo ship M/S Arabian Breeze to port. In summer we see how the 290 metres long cruise ship M/S Emerald Princess is piloted from Harmaja to the West Harbour in Helsinki. The pilotage of a Dutch ship in Lake Saimaa was filmed in autumn. Winter found us in the Ajos pilot station in the Sea of Bothnia, in arctic ice conditions. The unique Finnish nature and sea are a fundamental part of this documentary.

Genre: Documentary
Running time: 48:30

Production company: WRAPICE (POB Production Ltd.)
Producer: Teemu Leppälä
Director: Teemu Leppälä
Klaus Nummela
Teemu Leppälä
Iiro Koskelainen
Kaj Hahtonen
Olli Taipale
Mikko Niemimaa
Scriptwriter: Teemu Leppälä
Edited: Teemu Leppälä
Sound design: Joona Lukala
Color design: Kimmo Jalkanen

Special thanks:
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
Pilots' Library
Finnish Maritime Pilots' Association
Finnpilot Pilotage Oy
Tapio Tuomisto
Max Gustafsson
Antti Rautava
Pilot Boat Operators
Pilot Order Center
Harmaja Pilot Station
Saimaa Pilot Station
Ajos Pilot Station
Kotka Pilot Station
Alfons Håkans
Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Princess Cruises
Van Dam Shipping
M/s Royal Princess Crew
M/s Susanne Crew
M/s Carolina Crew
M/s Arabian Breeze Crew
M/s Velserdiep Crew
M/s Visurgis Crew
Hannu Lukkari
Kirsi Meyburgh
Kaj Hahtonen
Olli Taipale
Pasi Paldanius
Risto Arponen
Kauko Parviainen
Jan Van Dam
Giorgio Pomata
Arttu Kähönen
Mika Mäkinen
Kaarlo Munkki
Jukka Ketonen
Timo Saario
Hannu Sipilä
Keijo Manner
Jukka Parviainen
Mikko Hakoniemi
Pekka Tuomela
Jussi Keveri
Juha Kangas
Veikko Koivistoinen
Antero Vihavainen
Matti Hämäläinen
Thorolf BaggeHannu Martikainen
Jukka Hyvönen
Mikko Niemimaa
and everyone involved...

YLE archive: Merenkulun turvaajia (1958), Viimeinen vartija (1962)

Jenny ja Antti Wihuri Foundation has provided funding for this documentary.

WRAPICE owns all the copyrights to this documentary.

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Mykyta Kontsevyi Ukraine
on 23 February 2023, 15:47 UTC

Nice! Thanks for this video!


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