CHIRP 2022/23 annual digest published

published on 20 June 2023 99 -

This analysis identifies the key causal factors of safety incidents reported to CHIRP Maritime over the past year. These include inadequate leadership or supervision, issues with visual detection, inadequate risk assessment, and the need for proactive safety risk management.

The key findings echo concerns previously expressed by CHIRP, i.e. that companies should allocate more time and resources – especially experienced personnel – to permit the safe preparation and execution of maritime activities. In particular, the findings raise questions about the alignment of current minimum Safe Manning levels with the tempo of maritime operations, particularly on short sea shipping routes.

Regarding incident outcomes, personal injuries and damaged equipment remained prevalent, but the decrease in reported fatalities compared to the previous year is a positive trend, potentially indicating some progress in improving safety measures.

Lastly, the evaluation of report sources reveals the most frequently mentioned vessel types, including bulk carriers, container vessels, tankers, and superyachts. Other industry sectors and vessel types are encouraged to increase reporting volumes.

Overall, this analysis of maritime reports underscores the importance of confidential incident and near miss reporting in enhancing safety at sea. The findings provide valuable insights for industry stakeholders, enabling them to identify and address key factors contributing to safety incidents and work towards further improving maritime safety practices.
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