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PTR Holland® B.V.

Dintelweg 107
3198 LB Europoort-Rotterdam


PTR Holland ® Group has more than 30 years experience in the production of MED & USCG approved Pilot – Embarkation (rope) ladders for the marine and off-shore industry. Furthermore according to IMPA or ISSA we currently stock over more than 12.000 different products and counting.

Since 1967 we are committed for the safety of Life and property at Sea & have been serving Marine, offshore & Oil & Gas industry worldwide ever since. We are progressive and Positive Company & share the same vibe with our colleagues and clients. We acknowledge our clients as integral part of the company & consider their needs as our prime focus. We believe in everything is possible thru dedication & hard work. At PTR we don’t simply just sell but assist our clients to buy the right product.

Fast delivery, best service, lowest prices: contact us 24/7
PTR Holland® Group has more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of rope ladders.
PTR’s MED and USCG approvals cover the full range of Pilot and Embarkation Ladders for the Marine and Offshore industries.
Additionally we have an extensive stock of ISSA and IMPA listed Ship-stores – today in excess of 12,000 line articles.


Rotterdam Office
  (+31)10 - 714 49 45
PTR Holland® B.V.
Dintelweg 107
3198 LB Europoort-Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Singapore Office
  (+65) 62 65 65 95
PTR Holland Singapore® PTE LTD
16 Fan Yoong Road
Singapore 629793
Houston Texas Office
Joris J. Stuip
Senior VP PTR Holland Group global
  (+1) 713-702-1975
822 E. Sam Houston Pkwy S.
Pasadena, 77503
United States of America
United Kingdom Office
  (+44) 191 263 0191
Marine Safety Supplies Ltd. U.K.
Marine House - Unit 2-3
Willington Quay
Wallsend - Tyne & Wear
NE28 6SU United Kingdom
China Office
  (+86) 05 326 800 3145
Qingdao CO. LTD
1457 Wangsha Road,Chengyang,Qingdao
Peoples republic of China
Hellas Office
  (+30) 694 804 0675
PTR Holland Group Hellas
Markou Mpotsari 19
18538 Piraeus Greece

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Why do we see so many unapproved and low-quality pilot ladders? The answer is invariably price. OK, we all like a bargain, but ...


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