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Library Sorin

by Sorin Ristoae - published on 26 August 2021

Library Pilotage Shiphandling

by Captain Romeo Patrick Winde AGBEHOUNKPAN - published on 16 July 2022

Library Studies

by Riccardo di Stefano - published on 11 January 2022

Overview of studies published on

Library Remote pilotage and autonomous shipping

by Riccardo di Stefano - published on 11 January 2022

Collection of articles and videos regarding remote pilotage and autonoumus shipping

Library Pilotage

by Brunno Aguiar - published on 14 October 2021

Library SWATH & SWASH Technology for safer pilot boarding

by Frank Diegel - published on 20 September 2021

Library PPU

by René Hartung - published on 25 August 2021

Library Safety Ladder

by Riccardo di Stefano - published on 19 August 2021

Interesting articles about safety and pilot ladders.